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Rules of Project lockdown:

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Rules of Project lockdown: Empty Rules of Project lockdown:

Post by George on Sun Jun 22, 2008 10:57 pm

Here are the Rules of Project LockDown - Please take your time to read!

No offensive language on the forum! (Minor Infraction)
This is an important rule as people of any age are allowed on this forum, and you don't wanna teach small kids cursing words.

No adult material (unless posted in Adult Section)! (Major Infraction)

In worst case you may be charged by law for doing this, but it has to be REEEAL bad!

No hacked accounts, hacked items or other kinds of illegal content is allowed! (Major infraction)

No harassment of any kind is allowed (Flaming)! (Medium infraction)

This - in some cases is against the law, posts that has this will be removed and the user notified - or in worst case banned!
If anybody is doing this by PM (Private messaging), please contact me George or killer1993.

No scamming/cheating/hacking/theft/fraud of other members, is allowed on the forum!
(Special Rules - Read next line!)
This is unacceptable and you will get a permanent ban.

No links to phising sites are allowed on the forum! (Major Infraction)

They will be deleted and the user notified - or in worst case banned!

Do not go offensive against a spammer or any of the likes. (Minor Infraction)
Report it instead.
Any spammers will be dealt with very quickly - don't worry.

Spam is not allowed! (Medium Infraction)
This forum was made to have fun and discuss games. Not to spam.

It's not, under any circumstances, allowed to create more than one account on our forum! (Special Rules - Immediately banned!)

If for some reason, you're not able to login, please contact a moderator or administrator on our General Support Page. This is open to guests! The staff will then grant you permission to create a new account, if they feel you have the right to. Please, do tend to use our "Forgot Password" link in first case. If your previous account has been permanently banned, you will by NO chance be granted the rights to create another account.

Signature Rules: (Failure to follow results in a minor infraction)

Please do not have a signature exceeding 8 lines, or 500 characters, whatever comes first.
Pictures are welcome but please, do not exceed the height of 200 pixels!

Ban System:

1st time rule break (or minor infraction) - Warning. (You will be notified of this!)
2nd time rule break (or medium infraction) - Temporary ban for 5 days (You will NOT be notified of this until your return!)
3rd time rule break (or major infraction) - Permanent ban. (If you have been permanently banned, and for some reason feel that this has happened on an unfair basis, please contact a staff member! This can be done through the "General Support" page, or by sending an e-mail to

2 Minor Infractions = 1 Medium Infraction! 1 Medium Infraction + 1 Minor Infraction = 1 Major Infraction!

Project LockDown has no responsibility of the content of this forum although things that should not be here will be removed ASAP.

Project LockDown reserves the right to update the rules at anytime.
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