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We're recruiting: Yes! Empty We're recruiting: Yes!

Post by Killer1993 on Fri Jun 20, 2008 9:57 am

We're recruiting the following:

Please mention what you're applying for in the topic title!

Help if any problems occurs, keep track of the forum, keep track of reports, maintain IP bans, newsletters and such!
Blue username color!

Super Moderators:
Keep track of all forums, including staff forum, and foreign language if possible.
Green username color!

Keep track of all forums except staff and foreign language forums.
Dark Cyan username color!

Foreign Language Moderators: Enough to fill out all languages.
Take care of the foreign language section of the website!
Dark red username color!

Graphics Managers: 1
Creating banners, smileys, and other graphics for the website!
Purple username!

Advertisers: 1 to 3
Getting us recognized out there!
Purple username!

If interested in any, please apply in this forum, using the template given!

Male Number of posts : 215
Age : 26
Location : Denmark
Favourite game : Too many to choose from.
Found as : Killer1993/PureXChaos
Level of Trust :
We're recruiting: Yes! Left_bar_bleue10 / 10010 / 100We're recruiting: Yes! Right_bar_bleue

Registration date : 2008-06-19


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